How to Reset a Azure VM Password?

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Azure Virtual Machine(VM) is an on-demand, scalable computing resource provided by Microsoft Azure. In this article, we will look into the process of resetting the Azure Virtual Machine password.  


Do follow the Steps to perform the Azure VM Password Reset.

Step 1: Open your Microsoft Azure Subscription Portal. 

Step 2: Select or Search “Virtual Machines” 



Step 3: Select your Azure VM


Step 4: After Selecting your VM Navigate to Support + troubleshooting >> Reset from left menu.


Step 5: Select Mode: Reset Password, Enter your Azure VM Username, type password and confirm password.


Step 6: Now Click “Update” to Save the Changes.


Once Updated you will get an Update Notification like this.


Now, you can login with your new Azure VM password. 

That’s it! You are done. 

For more references check out Microsoft docs.

Sushan Shrestha

Sushan Shrestha

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